full of juice pt. 1





  1. Herbie Hancock - Rockit.

  2. likeafieldmouse:

    Arvo Pärt - Fratres - Cello & piano

    'You can kill people with sound. And if you can kill, then maybe there is also the sound that is opposite of killing. And the distance between these two points is very big. And you are free—you can choose. In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.'

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  3. Name: Let It Whip
    Artist: Dazz Band
    Album: Keep It Live


    Let It Whip - Dazz Band (Keep It Live, 1982)

  4. Face/Off (1997) - John Woo. Face/Off (1997) - John Woo.
    High Resolution

    Face/Off (1997) - John Woo.

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  5. "Like the Archbishop of Paris who when he walked with a mistress in his gardens had three men with rakes following to erase their footprints, we are obliged to dissolve into silence a sentence scarcely formed."

     - Georges Bataille.
  6. "Architecture is the expression of every society’s very being. But only the ideal being of society, the one that issues orders and interdictions with authority, is expressed in architectural compositions in the strict sense of the word. Thus great monuments rise up like levees, opposing the logic of majesty and authority to any confusion: Church and State in the form of cathedrals and palaces speak to the multitudes, or silence them. It is obvious that monuments inspire social good behaviour in societies and often even real fear. The storming of the Bastille is symbolic of this state of affairs: it is hard to explain this mass movement other than through the people’s animosity against the monuments that are its real masters."

     - Georges Bataille, ‘Architecture’.
  7. Name: Eccojam A3
    Artist: Chuck Person
    Album: Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol.1


     ”be real, it doesn’t matter anyway”


  8. noceans:

    Bird Song - Lene Lovich

  9. "The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying, and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid diseases appear."

     - Antonio Gramsci, The Prison Notebooks.
  10. The Rajko orchestra - Béla Bartók Rumanian Folk Dances